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Pot. Marijuana. Trees. Devil’s Lettuce. Ganja. Chronic. Mary Jane. Grass. Herb. Bud. Flower. Cannabis. And the most famous moniker of them all … Weed.

We ask: Should Christians smoke pot? 

Digging deeper, the question at the root of the question: is it lawful (according to the Bible) for a Christian to use the Marijuana?

If one were so inclined to search the webs of current history, one would find a majority of Jesus talkers on the topic that would agree that medicinal trees good recreational Devil’s Lettuce bad.

We’d argue that all ganja is medicinal. All chronic is recreational. There are no real dividing walls.

Mary Jane is given as a helper to gladden the heart of man.

Does not God cause the grass to grow? Does he not cause gentle showers to fall on the herb?

It is He who causes faith to bud in a wicked sinner’s heart, enlightening the mind, unblinding his eyes!

Not only do I consume the flower, I would joyfully purchase sweet cannabis with money as a sacrifice of praise to the LORD himself, should he accept the feeble offerings of a man of dust covered in ashes of repentance.

Should Christians smoke weed?

God is good to give to man such a plant as would open the eyes of the blind as it were.

If you’re looking for serious argument about this topic, explore the links. For here, in the introduction is but the seed of the arguments to be made. Said arguments sprout, spread their vines, and blossom into glorious flowers from here. 

With light-hearted gladness, gravity of mind, and a generous spirit, we present to you a garden well tended, our work of love.

Perhaps you’re tempted to think I wrote this through stony eyes. Well, I did, but it is no hinderance, for I take sober-mindedness very seriously.

I shall say no more, but leave what I have said to the Blessing of the God of Truth (who is coming forth to shake all false Foundations and States; yea, both Heaven and Earth, that that which cannot be shaken, may remain) and rest thy Servant in the work of the Gospel.

More to come

Some other topics that will be discussed relate to Christians and ya momma’s favorite plant:


  • Pharmakeia
  • Addiction
  • Other Health Concerns
  • The “Science”

Other Topics

  • Paranoia and Anxiety
  • Music & Arts – Appreciation
  • Wisdom Weed – On Writing
  • Stories — I quit smoking weed a couple years before I got saved because I got too much into my head on it, and would get paranoid. After I got saved, I figured it was good I gave it up because it was sinful anyway. I didn’t touch it again for probably 9 or so years. [more to come]

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